You’ve probably heard of the social media check-in site Foursquare. All those “I’m the mayor of Burger King!” posts can be annoying, but there’s another site whose updates may be far more interesting — because it lets you report where and when you last had safe sex.

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest has been handing out some 55,000 condoms with QR codes to college students and letting them anonymously check-in and brag about where they’ve used them on the website

And it isn’t just Americans taking part — as of a few days ago, there were about 1,000 check-ins from six continents worldwide. Nathan Engebretson, new media coordinator at Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, said:

“We hope the site promotes discussions within relationships about condoms and helps to remove perceived stigmas that some people may have about condom use. ‘Where Did You Wear It’ attempts to create some fun around making responsible decisions.”

No mayorships, becoming the person with the most visits to one location in Foursquare, on this site (everything’s anonymous), which is kind of a bummer. It might get awkward if it wasn't so we thank them.

[Via GeekWire]