Conflicting reports about a new album from U2 continue  to swirl about the music scene. What we do know is that U2 is in the studio in New Zealand, and the band has committed to a new release sometime this spring.

An online retailer has published a release date for the next U2 album, reports the U2 fansite Although few details are provided, the German version of Amazon indicates that the new disc, referred to simply a “New Album 2011,” will be available on May 27.

When contacted about the matter by, a U2 spokesperson said: “As has been widely reported, U2 are in the studio working on a new record, but no release date has been set.”

The listing, however, matches up with what the band’s manager, Paul McGuiness, told the New Zealand website in November. “We are trying very hard to use this time in New Zealand and Australia to finish an album that will be released in the spring,” McGuiness said. “It’s not so much recording as editing and polishing up lyrics and trying to getting it done by the date it needs to be delivered to the record company for release in May. It’s sounding great: lots of hits.”