With all of the warm weather hitting Montana this winter, many are concerned that this summer will be plagued by drought, but that likely won't be the case.

"I think if we look at um whats been happening this winter its obviously been kind of a roller coaster," said National Weather Service Hydrologist Ray Nickless. "Actually precipitation overall has been up in a lot of locations, quite a bit above average. If we look here in Missoula, we've had way above average precipitation, it just so happens that a lot of its been in the form of rain."

Nickless says that precipitation across the state has been above average and that rivers are higher than normal.

"Up in northwest Montana, like in Kalispell we've had above average," Nickless said. "If we look at the conditions right now out there, it looks like its dry just because we've been bumping a lot of our low elevation snows and we've had above average temperatures, but if you look at the water in the rivers right now were all way above average."

Though things look good now, Nickless says drought is still possible if there are extremely low levels of precipitation during the summer.