Valentines Day is coming up and in anticipation we asked for your terrible date or love gone wrong stories. Here was one of our favorites. The winner will be announced tomorrow on Valentine's Day.

Thanks to our sponsors who offered the prizes Erotique, Re-Couture, Smokin Smitty’s, and the Cateye Cafe in Bozeman.

I have been seeing this guy for a little bit. He was from Butte and didn't have his license so I said, "Call when you get to Three Forks and I'll meet you in Bozeman". He called when he got to Three Forks and said, "I brought my friends and they stopped at Teasers, can you come get me?" So I end up going to get him. Him and his friends are drunk when I get there and they all hop in my car. We go to the Rocking R where later I find his other friend drunk and passed out under a car as a lady almost runs him over. We get him safely into my car and then his other friend decides to jump on top of my car leaving huge dints on the hood and roof! Me being very unhappy, he then says to me "take us to my ex girlfriends house (she lived in Bozeman)". I tell him no and take them back to Teasers. As I'm heading home finally I end up hitting a deer! Let's just say it didn't work out between us...

Reading this I kept thinking it couldn't get any worse and the twists kept coming. Dreadful night! When would you have called this date off? As soon as he mentioned Teasers?