As of this writing, we here at The MOOSE don't have a clue what business might take over the "old" Safeway location on West Main Street when they move into their new digs at 19th and Main.

HOWEVER, I for one have an opinion.

HOW ABOUT A DECENT HOTEL with good meeting space, open space, etc.

If historic downtown can't seem to find and/or attract a hotelier in this economic climate, why not just a stone's throw away to the west? Clearly, some major overhauling of the site would be necessary but think of the possibilities.

Instead of creating more urban sprawl, let's allow someone to build up a little. The rooms would have great views, be centrally located in town, and be close to the MSU campus and high school.

The parking lot already exists. The loading dock already exists.

Can you imagine an awesome lobby with restaurant, bar, common area, indoor garden, small shops and meeting space? Every parent of an MSU student would stay there with that straight shot up to campus. Hell, I'D stay there and I live pretty close to there.

If there's already something planned for the "old" Safeway building, lemme know. I'm dying to see what happens long as SOMETHING happens there.