This past Friday evening was the annual Bobcat Fest in downtown Bozeman with a pizza eating contest hosted by the good folks at Tarantino's Pizza. I took pictures of the brave pizza eating participants, including my friend Chadwick from 96.7 KISS-FM. What a hoot.

I told Chadwick that we'd certainly root for him to win the contest but when he told us there was going to be a member of the Bozeman Police Department, the Bozeman Fire Department AND athletes from Montana State University participating in the contest...

My money was on the athletes. Those guys can put away some pizza.

The snow falling in downtown Bozeman didn't sway the crowds from cheering on their own favorite. Each contestant had a spotter with large numbers they held up as each pizza slice was consumed. They had 10 minutes to each as much pizza as they could.

Chadwick gave it a brave and valiant effort.

However, I don't have a clue who won as I got distracted with a phone call. How lame is that? I DO know that there was some sort of run off between two people. Must have been darned close.

I WILL find out who won the pizza eating contest and get back to ya. But for now, the pictures will have to do. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to attend Bobcat Fest on Friday night. It was fun to see such a crowd. -m

Chadwick is the Program Director of 96-7 KISS-FM and is on the air every weekday stating at noon. You'll also find him around town doing goofy thing like this. It was discovered later that if the participants finished LESS than four slices of pizza, they had to fork over the money for the slices they DID eat. (That money was to be donated to charity.)

I don't think Chadwick had to buy what he ate, but it was pretty clear that he wanted to eat AT LEAST his four slices...seemed pretty reasonable to me at the time. Who wants to be the winner of a pizza eating contest anyway? Seems like a tequila thing.....drink too much and never want to touch it again? Why ruin one of the greatest creations know to man? Pizza!

Running the risk of barfing and never wanting pizza again for the rest of my life is just too scary. Kudos to you, Chadwick! Far braver than the rest of us!