Call me a bad person but a smile draped across my face upon seeing this thief knock himself out cold trying to get away with a woman's purse. What started out as a mere robbery turned into robbery, vandalism, possible medical bills and life long embarrassment! 

This dimwitted thief attempted the robbery of a 50 year old woman's purse in Perth, Australia. After snatching the purse and sprinting towards an automatic door, the thief guessed which side to run through wrong. After firmly smashing his face into the glass pane, the thief ends up unconscious on the other side of the window. The good citizens of Perth rushed to his aid, unknowingly aiding an escaping criminal. The criminal's friend then rushed to his side supposedly threatening the on lookers and the two escaped in a green Lexus.

With the viralness of this video, I'm hoping the criminals are caught soon. However, I would probably pay all the contents of my wallet to see some moron run full speed through a full pane of glass!