Who does not love a little soul every now and then? Some of us listen to soul every day. As a heavy user myself, I prefer a constant drip directly to the vein around 20-22 hours a day. The new album by Raphael Saadiq, Stone Rollin' helps me get my fix. A paragon of the new soul style, Saadiq has been making records for a long time, even pairing with Jay-Z on his release The Way I See It. The new album has that ol' Saadiq croon and belt to make you yearn for yesteryear American pop feel while taking the tempo up a notch with some dirtier guitar and slightly more salacious lyrics that might lead to necking or (dare I say it) heavy petting in the right situation.

With all this newfangled sound tech making headphones and billion dolla sound rigs more and more necessary, it feels good to listen on a simpler level. I ended up taking the thumpers off and putting the old CD (I know right? Sooo retro) in my crappy little kitchen player to get that smaller sound. Some might say the sound was worse, I would simply say smaller and a little tinny in this case, definitely not a bad thing. So go scoop it at Cactus Recordsand take a drive witcha sweetheart while Raphael sings you into the mood for a full spectrum of love; the good, the bad, the so-bad-it's-good. Sunshine and soul, what else could you want? No, you can have a puppy when you are older. Peace