Music, music, music. As far as electronic music goes, we all have our preference. House, Techno Dubstep or any mashup in between. Hearing something unique and fresh in any genre of music is something to be cherished. That being said, Ratatat is to be cherished. Crazy Light shows featuring blinging Beethoven, some horrific face twisting and one scary clown all blended with the crunchy crescendos and stomping robot-porn beats. Not a dry seat in the house. The stage presentation was about the top of the theatrics, as the fellows themselves spend more time rocking than gallivanting. This practice of playing music for the entire set and spending no time politically pontificating has always been a favorite of mine. I paid for music, they gave me music. Wonderful, no?

Enjoying the glorious Wilma theater in Missoula is always a treat as well. Imagine an all-ages venue with good sound and successful booze  sales, what an idea. All in all, I simply had a marvelous time (sips tea) and you can bet your techno tuckus that the next time Ratatat hits Montana, Imma go see them again. If you missed it, you have no one to blame but yourself. Blam, peace.

p.s.- I don't recommend the video in the link above for the sober, or those with standards for music videos.