I really nestled our family inside the snow globe this holiday season. What I mean is, our home became sort of a Christmas bubble (someone was drinking too much of the egg nog).

Getting back to reality is always therapeutic, which is what this weekend has been all about. I think I got just as much joy hauling off the Christmas tree and taking down the decorations. It was also really nice to watch a non-Christmas movie! One I just saw, absolutely loved and strongly recommend is "Our Idiot Brother".

"Our Idiot Brother" isn't idiot humor. The humor center's around the main character (Paul Rudd), who is what I would call a modern hippie. The film makes light of the "organic" love. Much of the humor ultimately lies in questioning the level of intellect behind the eco-friendly, "save the world" campaign. It does this by exploiting a major stereotype (that going green means expanding your mind in more ways than one, if you know what I mean kids). The dopey, foggy humor of Paul Rudd's character, his ex-girlfriend, and her new boyfriend was hilarious! A home run there.

Just as the humor centers around the main chararcter, so does the love for him and this movie. Rudd plays the part so well. His character has the naivety of a child and, with that, loves like one. He has a pure soul that has been completely unaffected by the world. That may make the movie seem completely far-fetched on paper, considering you probably have never met any sane person like that. Rudd plays this part so well because you don't believe his character needs any kind of professional intervention. In fact, you believe it's you who needs to be more like him. That's what I got from it anyway. A must see for anyone!