I should be entering into fatherhood frighteningly (yet enthusiastically) soon. I'm having a girl and music, naturally, will be a big part of her life. It's already begun, as she already has her very own music collection. I've recently discovered Rockabye Baby!...good music turned into instrumental baby lullabies. Everything from Elvis Presley to Metallica. GENIUS!

Four musicians make up Rockabye Baby! Guitars and drums are traded for soothing mellotrons, vibraphones and bells. These guys do a great job transforming rock classics into very recognizable soft lullabies. So far I picked up Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Pearl Jam and Madonna (the wife's choice). We've already started listening and it's quite the relaxing sing-along (you can't help it). I seriously feel sleepy afterwards too...if it works on me, it's gotta work for a baby. Either way, they're on my iPod already for a reason.

Here's a sample for you. Take a listen to Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine" (Rockabye Baby style):