Do you find email chains at work where everyone's hitting "Reply All" just to say "Congratulations "or "Thanks" annoying? Apparently, it's also bad for productivity and several companies are actually working to get rid of it altogether.

Those annoying "Reply All" work email chains account for about 5% of the emails the average worker gets, according to Yahoo Finance. Taking the time to read a bunch of unnecessary follow-ups can mean tens of millions of dollars in lost productivity for a huge company, and some are now working to eliminate the "Reply All" option.

Nielsen already has the "Reply All" option grayed out on their email program, and it takes a special override command to use it. They did it to, quote, "eliminate bureaucracy and inefficiency." Other companies are working to get rid of it too. It makes sense to me, I rarely find it useful. What do you think? Would the world be a better place if "Reply All" didn't exist?