just published some unwritten rules in life that seem like common sense but too many people DON'T follow. Please read people:

Here are 6 of their Unwritten Rules I feel need to be enforced:

  1. If you finish the coffee, make more.
  2. If a car stops for you to cross the street, hustle a little.
  3. Don't ask people how much they paid for things. It makes them uncomfortable, and it's a boring conversation anyway.
  4. Turn down Taylor Swift, David Guetta or that stupid fox song on your iPod. Other people don't like them as much as you do.
  5. Wipe down equipment at the gym when you're done.
  6. Don't blabber on your phone the whole bus ride (or anywhere in public). If you have to talk, try to be discreet.

See the full list from What other unwritten rules do you think everyone should know?