Bozeman winter activities continue well through Spring but quite frankly, I'm done. Snow, bad roads, wet boots and thoughts of the Crystal Rooftop are getting on my nerves. Classic Springtime in Bozeman.

What do Bozemanites have to look forward to this summer? PLENTY. Springtime is a fickle lady. Some of the biggest snowstorms this town has ever seen come in April, May and June. However, if you can continue to tell yourself that you "love Bozeman" you'll be rewarded greatly for your patience.

Good things come to those who wait and folks who live in in SW Montana deserve a medal for enduring such long winters around here. It's like when you haven't had your favorite food for dinner in such a long time that it's all you can think about. Make sense?

Here are some of the things I'm looking forward to:

1) GOLF - No explanation needed. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am unavailable for comment in the afternoons during golf season. You'll always welcome to join me, but don't expect me to pick up the phone. (BTW - golf courses are the best places to watch crazy spring thunderstorms roll into town.)

Bridger Creek Golf Course is usually where I can be found, but I'll golf with anyone, anywhere, anytime. I'm quite fond of Cottonwood out at Four Corners and Riverside Country Club is obviously nice, but I've only been there 4 times. Always at night, drunk, for a "Golf In The Dark" fundraiser. Just being honest. (By the way, The MOOSE will have lots of FREE golf certificate to giveaway soon so stay tuned or become a MOOSE VIP for first crack at them.)

2) THE CRYSTAL ROOFTOP - Kind of like "you read Playboy for the articles", you "go to the Crystal for the burgers". Seriously, they're really good. Plus, it's unlike any other outdoor dining space in Bozeman because you can see downtown and the surrounding mountains. With beer. Many a MOOSE staff meeting has been held on the Crystal Rooftop.

If you're not much of a burger person, Kathy always has something delicious cooking for her lunch special. For as much of a dive that bar is, they sure do make some great food. And it's always priced very well. Do not be afraid of The Crystal. If you've never been there before, please try it this Spring and then let me know how you liked it. Not once have I ever brought a newbie there for lunch and they didn't like it. Promise.

3) MUSIC ON MAIN - The first one this year is on Thursday June 30th, hosted by 95-1 The MOOSE. The MOOSE tent will be stocked with lots of free stuff to giveaway as always. Every Thursday evening for 8 weeks 6:30pm – 8:30PM enjoy live music in downtown Bozeman. Bring the kids for FREE activities like Kenyon Noble’s Junior Carpenter program and face painting with First Security Bank and the Children’s Museum. Grab a bite to eat from food vendors that will be on site or step into the downtown stores that stay open late. NO DOGS OR BACKPACKS ALLOWED.

4) SHOOTING THINGS - Logan is 20 miles West of Bozeman and a great, safe place to go shooting. The good 'ole boys shoot all year long, but for most of us Springtime means shooting season. You can visit the club's website here for details on events and courses. Always best to call before you head out there in case they've got something planned.

5) FISHING - Yeah, I know you can do it all year and Spring is really NOT the best time to rip lips but that doesn't mean it's not on my mind. We get so much runoff that the rivers can be absolutely blown out for weeks. BUT, now is a great opportunity to get your gear cleaned, updated, organized and ready to go. It's also a great time to kiss up to your friends that have their own boat. Because I don't.