Sunday Brunch Radio Show hosted by Elle of Elle's Belles each Sunday 9:00am - noon

Hi! Elle Here. You have no idea how excited I am to have this blog spot for all things ‘Sunday Brunch Radio Show’ and Bozeman. Ill share info about new artists and tunes, songs that have been around for a very long time and those tunes that just stick with you. We’ll talk about this awesome beautiful place that we call home and the sense of ‘community’ that we share. And of course, Ill let you in on various musings and thoughts that continually rattle around in my head. And so it begins…

Elle's Belles Bakery is closed for 4 entire days for the Holiday weekend and one would think that a break might be in order. Nope. We are in deep cleaning mode ( we are never closed for more than 2 days) and redefining goals and direction as a team. It’s a good exercise. And on Monday- we start into Christmas orders and Holiday recipes. Ill share some great recipes along the way and helpful tips when I think of them- no matter the subject.

Thanks for listening to the Brunch on Sunday mornings no matter where you are listening from in the world and for being a part of the Moose family. We all love what we do and what we get to share with you.

p.s. The Annual Huffing for Stuffing run was a huge success once again Thanksgiving morning. Raising a ton of money and food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. I was down there with those who braved the cold from 7:30 a.m. onward till the last prize and award was handed out. The Bridger Creek Boys did a fantastic job entertaining the masses as they waited pre and post race/run/walk. Drinks from the Gallatin Coffee Co and bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. helped keep runners and volunteers as comfortable as possible before braving the sub zero temps. Im thinking next year, I may have to run this baby. After 4 years of emceeing- perhaps its time to join in. ;) Great job everyone- till next year!