Some creative thieves had fun with a Bozeman family as well as the local media this past weekend. The stolen item: a statue of St. Francis. The victims: Mary Jo Paul and Harold Paul. In response to their statue being stolen, the Paul's wrote a letter to be published in the Chronicle in an attempt to scold the thieves. What happened next, though lighthearted, was unexpected.

The statue of St. Francis was returned to the exact same spot it had been stolen from in the Paul's yard but with a few extra layers of paint. The statue now has more of a resemblance to a queen than a saint. The statue's additions included pink blush on the cheeks, red lipstick, and a new glitter green robe.

The Paul's admit they aren't too upset over the matter and actually welcomed the newly rendered St. Francis back into their lawn. The story even made front page news this week!

See a photo of the made-over statue at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.