One of my very new favorites is Jay Nash. I first heard his songs on Pandora as part of a mix from a genome titled 'Jeffery Foucault' or was it 'The Weepies.' He is probably on both, actually.  His tracks  'Over You,' 'Places You'll Go,' 'Sweet Talking Liar' and 'Till I Get Through' are perfect Sunday Morning fare. The first time I heard him,  I lifted my head from a task,  listened more closely for a minute then rushed over  to find out just WHO this guy was. You would think this was a one time thing but it pretty much happens every time a song of his comes on.  Im almost to the point of "oh- that's Jay"- but not quite yet.  He had an ambition and kept at it- smartly placing himself in cities & situations that would propel him forward. I admire his talent and the fact that he's unsigned but making a good go of it as he tours and gathers fans a pair of ears and one heart at a time.  He has a new 'digital download album' via itunes  coming out March 8th too. But make sure to listen to his music choices up on his site and his myspace site

between here and there. I hope you enjoy it as I have.

The following is a Bio for Jay Nash as provided by

Jay Nash's defining musical moment came at age 12, after hearing a 90-minute Maxell tape with the 1971 Grateful Dead Live album on one side and Cat Stevens¹ Greatest Hits on the other. To steal a line: What a long, strange trip it's been ­ and it's brought him where he is today.

Jay grew up in the small town of Manlius, outside Syracuse in upstate New York, spending his summers in the idyllic Thousand Islands region on the St. Lawrence River near the U.S.-Canadian border. Listening to that double-sided Grateful Dead/Cat Stevens cassette "shook something loose in me. I felt a connection to something I¹d never felt before."

Picking up the guitar, he eventually discovered Dylan ("I was blown away by his imagery, his use of metaphor and allusions It actually scared me away from even trying to write songs"), then discovered his talent singing the high parts with a friend on Cat Stevens¹ "Father and Son" at a school talent show before an audience of 1,500.

"There was something kind of magical and amazing about it," he says of the experience performing live. "It wasn¹t about me, but having all these people in the same place feeling the same things forgetting about everything else for that moment."

Attending SUNY Binghamton and then University of Vermont, Nash played in a variety of bands, then as a solo act around the ski lodges of Vermont, working packed audiences into a frenzy with medleys that went from "Tennessee Jed" into "Johnny B. Goode," "Feeling Alright" and "Tangled Up In Blue."

After graduation, Nash got into his Honda Civic and drove to New York City, where he began to write songs in earnest, recording a six-song EP, playing some live gigs and experiencing "lots of silly adventures born of naivete and youthful stupidity."

By 2001, he had moved to Los Angeles, where he began to pursue a musical career in earnest. He established a residency at Bar F2, which eventually became Room 5, an intimate venue located above an Italian restaurant on LaBrea Avenue, where he went on to not only play, but also book such soon-to-be major label artists as Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, OneRepublic and Tyrone Wells, then began a touring schedule that included up to 200 dates a year.

Along the way, Nash developed a following, putting out a series of indie releases on his own, including 'Open Late ('2002), the full-length effort he started three days before 9/11 and ended up selling 2,000 copies through gigs and CD Baby; 'Nine', a 2004 compilation of demos; the autobiographical A Stream 'Up North', one of two companion albums he recorded in Thousand Islands with Joe Purdy; 'The North LaBrea All-Star Conquistadors,' a CD inspired by the celebrated weekly Monday night shows at Room 5 that also included fellow singer-songwriters Garrison Starr and Gabriel Mann; and his most recent release, 'Some Kind of Comfort'. When the shows at Room 5 started attracting media interest and more crowds, Nash moved over to the larger Hotel Cafe, which spawned its own musical community.

His upcoming release, 'The Things You Think You Need', is the latest chapter in Jay Nash¹s ongoing saga, but in reality, it¹s the start of the story, not the end. The album, produced by Chris Seefried and recorded at Phantom Vox Studios in Hollywood, CA during October and November of 2007, shows a vastly more mature side to Jay Nash, both sonically and lyrically. All of Jay¹s influences are apparent on the album, from the Springsteen-like "Hard Lesson² to the mellow James Taylor/Dylan and the Band vibe of "Sweet Talkin' Liar," from the Cat Stevens-inspired narrative of "Wayfarer" to the "Tangled Up In Blue" storytelling of "Over You," the Jackson Browne politics, spaghetti western guitar and huge drum sound of "All the Same," the Wilco-reminiscent fusion of "Keep on Talkin¹," the country-rock anthem "Easy" and the Americana music hall honky-tonk of ³Forgive Me.² Nash¹s vocal style is comfortable and familiar, but polished and all his own, like a new pair of shoes that fit just right.

The album includes guest appearances by some of Nash's close musical friends, including Epic recording artist Sara Bareilles (on "Barcelona") and David Immergluck and Charlie Gillingham from the Counting Crows. 'The Things You Think You Need 'will be released digitally on May 20, 2008.

again- March 8th, 2011- his new album will be available on itunes.  I would love to see him live someday.

And here you go:: Playlist for February 20th, 2011

Punch Brothers  with Chris Thile make their way to Bozeman on March 7th at the Emerson- 7:30 pm tickets at Cactus, Borders and online at

Wailin Jenny’s- This Heart of Mine- Firecracker

Matt Duke- Ash Like Snow- Acoustic Kingdom Underground

Patty Griffin- Nobody’s Crying-1000 Kisses

Little Willies- No Place To Fall- The Little Willies

HEM- Idle- Rabbit Songs

Ben Harper- By My Side- Fight For Your Mind

Storyhill- Pieces of Love- Shade of The Trees

Bob Dylan- Father of Night- New Morning

Cat Stevens(Yusuf)- Thinking ‘bout You- Road Singer

Joseph Arthur-  Morning Cup- Could We Survive

Chris Whitley- Loco Girl- Dirt Floor

Nathaniel Rateliff- You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy/Boil  & Fight- In Memory Of Loss

Josh Ritter- Best for the Best- The Animal Years

Willy Porter- You Stay Here- High Wire Live

Colin Hay- Up In Smoke- Are You Lookin’ at Me?

Martin Sexton- Purple Rain- Live Solo

Jay Nash- The Places You’ll Go- Over You  (my new favorite guy)

Led Zeppelin- That’s the Way-

Jack Johnson- Breakdown- acoustic studio recording

Jack Johnson with Ben Harper- With My Own Two Hands- Curious George Soundtrack

Green River Ordinance- Where the West Wind Blows- The Morning Passengers EP (another new fav)

Eddie Vedder- Growin’ Up- live bootleg recording from 4/08 solo tour Berkley

Tony  Furtado- Deep Water- Deep Water

Patty Larkin- Who Holds Your Hand- Angels Running

Faces- Ooh La La- Ooh La la

Jacob Dylan- They’ve Trapped Us Boys- Women + Country

Crooked Still- Sometimes in This Country- Some Strange Country

Neil Young- Too Far Gone- Freedom

Steve Earle- Nothin’ Without You- Train A Comin’

Del Amitri- Tell Her This- Twisted

Jackson Browne- Sing My Songs To Me-

Aqualung- Slip Slidin’ Away- Words & Music

Ray La Montagne- For The Summer- live studio recording

Ryan Adams- Chin Up, Cheer Up- Demolition

Amos Lee- Supply and Demand- Supply and Demand

Donovan Frankenreriter & Jack Johnson- Free- Donovan Frankenreiter

John  Mayer- The Heart of Life- Where the Light Is – Live in Los Angeles

Bruce Cockburn- Going To The Country- Bruce Cockburn

Todd Snider- You Think You Know Somebody- 2005 Retrospective

The Wood Brothers- Lovin’ Arms- Loaded

Grace Potter- Paris- acoustic recording, rowdy but acoustic…

Nirvana- About A Girl- MTV Unplugged