Good friends are pretty awesome. The best give you a nudge when you are stuck, they provide a solid sounding board for ideas, they stick around for the tough stuff, believe in you and they never give up on you.  Friends are more than just the good times, the 'hey, we're all pretty and perfect' times. As with character building and decision making it's usually the challenging  and not so easy times that prove a friends mettle. If you have one like that- or two- count yourself lucky and fortunate.

Today, I do count myself lucky. Lucky that I had a real friend nudge me out to the Team Fox Chocolate Fest for Parkinsons to represent my Bakery instead of sending staff.   My Bakery Cafe had a table of course for the 2nd year. We put out a sweet little spread as did some of Bozemans other bakers and chefs. I loved the savory creations from John Bozeman's  Bistro, Over the Tapas and WeeBees but also from Chef Billy Joe and his bacon fudge. TLC Chocolates, The Leaf and Bean and others took care of the sweets- everyone put out their best and it was a fun evening tasting each others fare and having chef discussions on flavor etc... A fun fun evening.  But also lucky in that at the very end of a very enjoyable  evening feeling good from talking to EB's fans I went home with the coolest thing I have ever - EVER won.  I can still hardly believe it. A miracle of sorts really. You see, a couple of years ago, I had to give up my nice luxurious  ride for the sake of the growth and keeping of my Bakery. Yes, I have been without wheels for nearly that long. It was a practice in patience and creativity let me tell you. But I went to the Chocolate Fest and bought a raffle ticket for the big prize- like I've done so many times before. I had dealt all my cards- and this time, I WON! I won a ride perfect for the Bakery and  what we do.  Needless to say- feeling lucky. :)

Thanks to the Committee that planned the Team Fox Chocolate Fest for Parkinson's, Lou Spain, Billion Auto Group and my dear dear friend that nudged me out to the event. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It really is a wonderful event and the local artisan chefs go all out. Check out this awesome blog from my fav bloggerina to read more about the fare and see photos. ( although, I will say, our display was awesome too- our flowers from Avant Floral were stunning) You can also check out Bozmangia Reviews on facebook for more photos from the evening. Lets raise a ton of money next year for this event and cause. Plan to attend.

Today's playlist::

Paul Simon- Graceland- MTV Unplugged

Norah Jones- Heart of Mine- New York City

Iron & Wine- Love and some Verses- Our Endless Numbered Days

Darrell Scott- A Crooked Road- A Crooked Road

Suzanne Vega- I’ll Never Be Your Maggie May- Close-Up Vol1, Love Songs

Fleetwood Mac- Never Going Back Again- Greatest Hits

Teddy Thompson- Shine So Brightly- Separate Ways

Dan Managan- You Silly Git- Nice, Nice, Very Nice

Tony Furtado- The Willows Cry- Golden

Ray LaMontagne – Old Before Your Time- God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise

Nathaniel Rateliff- You Should’ve Seen The Other Guy/ Boil & Fight- In Memory of Loss

Amos Lee with Willie Nelson- Behind Me Now/El Camino- Mission Bell

John Mellencamp- Longest Days- Life, Death, Love and Freedom

Cat Stevens- Katmandu- Classics

Shawn Colvin- Kathy’s Song- Live 88

Jonatha Brooke- Little Bird- The Works

Bruce Cockburn- Last Night of the World- Slice o Life

Ryan Bingham- The Poet- Junky Star

The Black Crowes- the Lost Place That Love Lives- Before the Frost

Jack Johnson- A Pirate Looks at 40- September Sessions

Joni Mitchell- Morning Morgantown- Ladies of the Canyon

Red Horse- If These Walls Could Talk- Red Horse

Wailin Jenny’s- One Voice- Women of the World Compilation

William Fitzsimmons- Beautiful Girl- Gold in the Shadow

Jon Foreman- Behind Your Eyes- Fall and Winter

Indigo Girls- Closer to Fine- Indigo Girls

Mumford and Sons- The Cave- Single

Neil Young- Buffalo Springfield Again- Silver & Gold

David Wilcox- End of the World (Again)- Reverie

Bruce Springsteen- If I Should Fall Behind-Lucky Town

Steve Earle- Sparkle and Shine- Washington Square Serenade

Storyhill- Love Will Find You- Storyhill

Joshua Radin- No Envy No Fear- Simple Times

Sheryl Crow- Long Road Home-100 Miles From Nashville

Paul Simon- American Tune- There Goes Rhyming’ Simon

David Gray- Only The Wine- Foundling

Jerry Joseph- Civility- Civility

Anders Osborne- Coming Down- Coming Down

Michael Franti- The Sound of Sunshine Going Down- the Sound of Sunshine

Amos Lee- Windows are Rolled Down- Mission Bell

Cat Stevens- Bitterblue- Teaser & The Fire Cat