Here is the playlist as it happened. Enjoy and I'll see you next Sunday from 9am-noon on 95-1 or online at Make it a great week. L.

art work by Patty Baker



Eddie Vedder- Without You- Ukelele Songs

Jessie Harris- Gimmer- Watching the Sky

Rolling Stones-Prodigal Son- Beggars Banquet

Bob Dylan- Tangled Up In Blue- NY Sessions

Jacob Dylan- Valley of the Low Sun- Seeing Things

Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers- Best Love- Rare Bird Alert

Billy Midnight- Waiting On Me- Don’t Get your Hopes Up

Sara Watkins- The late John Garfield Blues- Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows

Patty Larkin- Italian Shoes- Red=Luck

Ray LaMontagne- Beg Steal Or Borrow- So Much Shouting So Much Laughter

Ani DiFranco- You Had Time-

Lucy Kaplansky- Over The Hills- So Much Shouting So Much Laughter

Aaron Espe- Music Man- Songs From a Small Town

Jeff Bridges- Everything But Love- Jeff Bridges

Steve Reynolds- Forsaken- Exile

Joni Mitchell- Turn Me on, I’m a Radio- Misses

Neil Young- Don’t Let It Bring You Down- Massey Hall 1971

Thea Gilmore- Crazy Love-Loft Songs

Black Crowes- Soul Singing- Croweology

Bruce Springsteen- Thunder Road- Live

Mike Doughty- Telegenic Exes, #2 (Astoria)-Yes and Also Yes

Patty Smith- Smells Like Teen Spirit- Outside Society

Cat power- Silver Stallion- Jukebox

Joseph Arthur- Gypsy Faded- The Graduation Ceremony

Anders Osbourne- Coming Down-

Jeff Buckley- So Real- So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley

Norah Jones- Sunrise- Feels Like Home

Fleet Foxes- Blue Spotted Tail- Helplessness Blues

The Dirty Guv’Nahs- Song for My Beloved- Youth is In Our Blood

Red Horse- Wild Horse- Red Horse

The Head and the Heart- Winter Song- The Head and the Heart

Redbird- Hold On- Redbird

Mason Jennings- Bitter Heart- Minnesota

Jeff Bridges- what a Little Bit of Love Can Do- Jeff Bridges

Lyle Lovett- Friend of the Devil- Deadicated

Robert Earl Keen- Soul of Man- Ready for Confetti

Black Crowes- She Talks to Angels- Croweology

Martin Sexton- Women and Wine- Live Wide Open

Blitzen Trapper- Furr- Furr

The Young Guv’nahs- Courage- Youth Is In Our Blood