It's good, really good.  Highly recommended. Put the CD in and let it go. I promise, in about :35 minutes or so you'll be pressing start... again.

And thus your love affair with Ryan Adams begins, or rather continues, whatever the case might be.  It's a 'Greatest Hits Album' of all new fresh tunes.

Till next Sunday 9-noon at 95-1 in Bozeman Montana, listen on Radio Pup or stream it live at



p.s  next week we get a possible 'Sit in Sunday Brunch' with Conrad Anker. He and I have been talking about this for a long time. Thing is, when you are climbing in the Himalayas, it's not so easy to come 'sit in.'  He will be home next Sunday, so we have our chance. He will be bringing in some appropriate Sunday Brunchie tracks to mix in with rest. Should be fun!

Todays Playlist: 10.23.11

Ryan Adams- Come Home- Ashes & Fire

David Wilcox- Distant Water- Home Again

Colin Hay- Where the Sky is Blue- Gathering Mercury

Lyle Lovett- If I Needed You- Step Inside This House

Patty Larkin (feat: Peter Mulvey)- Booth of Glass- 25

Peter Mulvey- Shirt- Kitchen Radio

Martin Sexton- Happy- Solo

Ryan Adams- I Love You  But I Don’t  Know What to Say- Ashes & Fire

Shawn Colvin- Diamond in the Rough- Live 88

Neil Young- Old Man- Live at Massey Hall1971

Landon Pigg- Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop-

Jose Gonzalez- Heartbeats- Heartbeats

Ryan Adams- Dirty Rain- Ashes & Fire

Tom Petty- Angel-

Suzanne Vega- Rosemary- online

Alexi Murdoch- Orange Sky- 4 Song EP

Darrell Scott- Lazarus Dies Again- Lazarus Dies Again

Red Horse- Coshieville- Red Horse

Van Morrison- Sweet Thing- Astral Weeks

Rusty Truck- Never Going Back Again-Broken Promises

Ryan Adams- Invisible Riverside- Ashes & Fire

Billy Joel- Vienna- Greatest Hits

Steve Earle- Sparkle and Shine- Washington Square Serenade

Iron & Wine- Each Coming Night- Our Endless Numbered Days

Ryan Adams- Rocks- Ashes & Fire

Ryan Adams- Chains of Love- Ashes & Fire

Eddie Vedder- Long Nights- Into the Wild Soundtrack

Greg Brown- ‘Cept You and Me- Covenant

Blitzen Trapper- Furr-Furr

Red Horse- I Am a Child- Red Horse

Jackson Browne- Never Stop- Solo Acoustic Vol 2

J.D. Souther- Roll ‘Em Easy- Rock and Roll Doctor: A Tribute to Lowell George

Ryan Adams- Do I Wait- Ashes & Fire

Ryan Adams- Save Me- Ashes & Fire

Nick Drake- Free Ride- Pink Moon

Lisa Hannigan- Lille- Sea Sew

Ryan Adams- Lucky Now- Ashes & Fire