On May 4th there will be a very cool 3rd Annual event at the Rivers Edge for all the girls and women out there who are passionate about casting a fly.  If you just want to connect with other fisher-women or get on a list to learn how or learn a few new tricks with the more experienced set- this is your chance to mix it up. It's called

Chica de Mayo-(very clever name)

Almost 100 women turn out for this event. Molly Semenik will be on hand showing video and giving a talk, Betsy French will be giving a female insider perspective of the industry and of course, what event for us ladies wouldn't be complete without margaritas, apps and a SIMMS fashion show.  :) There will be FREE gifts for the first 30 in the door and prizes given out throughout the evening.  See you there friends. Perhaps Ill be able to drag Wolfe out for this one. Wolfe?