What it is?

So, something that happens fairly often in this town is a mighty source of frustration to yours truly. I am speaking of course, about the nights when an incredible act rolls through town on a supposed "off night", Sunday for example. Sweatshop Union came through the Zebra in full force and thoroughly vibrated a smaller crowd than I have ever seen at one of their shows. The nice thing about Bozeman in this instance is that everyone who shows up is there for the music on these nights. In turn, Sweatshop played a badass, fully invested set for everyone there, nice to see a lack of half-assing, even with such a small crowd. Money would argue that a lack of attendance makes for a bad show, experience says otherwise. Sweatshop slayed it.

Full on barbershop quartet style rapping in furious form. That is all there is to say about it. The next time they roll through the zebra be sure you bring it, because we already know the Sweatshop will.