When I Die, I’m Coming Back As A Barn Cat
When I die, I'm SO coming back as a barn cat. Being a barn cat with a real home at your disposal might be the best life of all. This is Huntley Dahmer the cat. He lives in the southern Madison Valley and has the best life of any cat I've ever met.
What Critter Made These Tracks And This Hole In The Snow?
Good God I have a lot of animals cruising through my yard on any given day or night. The other night a huge buck about made me scream out like a little girl. Today I came home to find this small hole and little tracks. Do you have a clue what made them?
GoPro Cameras Stolen By Birds [VIDEO]
This would be funny if it happened to you, ONLY if you got your camera back. These birds are fearless in their quest for movie greatness but what they film is actually pretty cool.

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