iPad 2 Official Announcement And Specs
Apple made more news today as they announced the all new iPad 2. The announcement opened with Steve Jobs, looking "good", relaying sales figures that Apple has seen over the past year. Then Jobs rolled into the big unveiling of iPad Part Deux. The iPad 2 ships March 11th!
Apple Calls To Award Woman $10K, She Hangs Up
This is what telemarketers have done to us. When a stranger calls (you know that annoying voice that can't pronounce your name) it's usually a telemarketer trying to sell you something or take valuable time away from you because it serves you no purpose. So what happens on the odd chance t…
Apple’s Plan For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Batteries Made Public
According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is planning to create devices that will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. That could mean computers and phones with battery power lasting for weeks without charge and, more importantly, cutting back on a need for fossil fuels.