New Brewery Coming to Downtown Bozeman
Plans for a new downtown Bozeman brewery received unanimous support from city commissioners earlier this week. The brewery, which does not have an official name yet, will be located at 121 W. Main St.
The Business Of Craft Brews [VIDEO]
Bozeman is blessed with some of the best microbrew beer in the country. We all know that. However, when you walk into any grocery store these days you'll be overwhelmed with the vast array of small batch "hand crafted" beers available.
Yuengling Is Now America’s Largest Brewery
Yuengling, a beer simply known as “lager” in parts of Pennsylvania (and some television commercials) now has two crowns to wear atop its hoppy head. It is America’s oldest brewery, something to brag about, but now it can boast to being America&CloseCurlyQu…
Battle Over The Brewery Bill
Breweries and bars are in a heated battle over liqueur laws. Breweries are trying to pass Senate Bill 202 that would allow them to stay open two extra hours until 10pm. As one might guess, this is making the bars a bit edgy. Some bars have even gone so far as to pull the breweries' ales out of their…