How To Do Yoga With Your Cat [VIDEO]
My wife does a lot of yoga at home. That can be a challenge for her (and great entertainment for me) with two dogs and two cats. All four of our animals think mommy's yoga mat is a playtime gauntlet. She'll probably have to always shut the dogs away when doing yoga at home but maybe the cats just wa…
11 Guilty Pets Who Know What They Did
There's nothing surprising about our pets getting into shenanigans when we're not looking. Sometimes we find the little buggers in the act, and what results is adorably hilarious. But other times, we're not lucky enough to catch them red-handed, although their guilty expressions total…
Are Your Pets Making You Sick?
An in depth look by two California Veterinary doctors points out that our pets have the potential to transfer more than love through their sloppy kisses and night time snuggles.

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