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Upgrade My Gear 2018 Is Here!
Still rockin’ a one-piece? Have skis from 1991? Chalet Sports in downtown Bozeman is going to hook someone up with some awesome new gear!
Make My Gear Skitacular from Chalet Sports
Chalet Sports in Downtown Bozeman is going to HOOK someone up with incredible new gear AND a GoPro with the "Make My Gear Skitacular" giveaway. Still rockin' a one piece? Have skis from 1991?
Chalet Sports In Downtown Bozeman – 50% OFF THIS WEEKEND
It's a sale worth passing along to MOOSE's not often you can get 50% off some of the best brands in ski gear but Chalet Sports at Main and Willson aren't messing around this weekend for Winter Crazy Days in downtown Bozeman. Seriously....the stuff is 50% off. DETAILS HERE: