chali 2na

Chali 2na Talks Spruce Moose Festival and More [LISTEN]
Chali 2na has been making music professionally for over 20 years. Good music. He originally hit mainstream with his group Jurassic 5 and has since put out solo albums and EPs while constantly working with artists of all genres. Chali talked with me about his career and the upcoming Spruce Moose Fest…
3 Reasons Chali 2na Is Amazing Addition To Spruce Moose Line-up
Galactic and Ozomatli are set to rock the Spruce Moose festival on August 30th and 30th at Big Sky Resort. This is already an amazing line-up. Why add hip-hop artist Chali 2na? Here are 3 reasons.
Chali 2na Toured With Ozomatli
Wikipedia: The band's first album, "Ozomatli", was …