Could The Monday After The Super Bowl Become A National Holiday?
Here's one way to get on our good side again Congress...make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday so we can all get the day off work. There is currently a petition on the White House's website calling for it, but it needs almost 90,000 more signatures by February 23rd to get an …
The 25 Richest Members Of Congress, Ya Poor Slob
I don't know why I do this to myself but I LOVE these lists. Let's put it this way - the LOWEST net worth on this list is over 30 million. Now go cut some coupons to make your paycheck last until the 1st, ya poor slob!
Aaron Schock Shirtless in Latest Men’s Health Issue
Rep. Aaron Schock of Illinois is now poised to get the vote of every woman in America thanks to a new spread in Men's Health, in which our nation's youngest congressman can be seen posing shirtless.
But before you accuse him of trying to advance his celebrity, the 29-year-old hunk is actually doing i…