Bozeman Mom’s and Dad’s! Santa at Macy’s TONIGHT!
Hey Bozeman Moms n Dads -Here is what is happening::
Macy's beautiful Santa from the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade will be at the Mall tonight from 6-8 pm! He'll read The Night Before Christmas and meet some Make A Wish Children from around Montana and your child can sit on his lap...
Sunday Brunch- Mission: Firefighter Sweet Tooth
They have saved some very dear places and spaces to the community with their excellent work. They have been working to contain this massive fire in a valley that is windy and dry. We are all grateful to them for their work and its always good to find a way to send thanks...
Healthy Snacks – Cookies? WhoNu?
You'll thank me in a minute. No, they're not as good as my Mom's were but they're not half bad. Just discovered these "nutritious" cookies the other day on sale. So I gave them a shot.
The Girl Scouts Are Introducing A New Cookie This Cookie Season
I'm a huge fan of Girl Scout cookies. I buy the popcorn when a Boy Scout shows up at my door, but only to donate. The Girl Scouts get more money because of the unbelievable product they have (I don't like popcorn, sorry Boy Scouts of America). I'm a little pumped to try a new cookie t…