Looking to Adopt A Dog? Watch This [VIDEO]
Home For Hope is a collective project with IKEA and other leading home furnishing stores to provide much-needed exposure for homeless pets. If you or anyone you know is thinking about adopting a pet, watch this.
Check Out This Two-Legged Dog’s Amazing Mobility [VIDEO]
I know all the dog lovers in this community will love this. A video of a two-legged boxer, named Duncan, running on the beach is making the rounds online. Despite missing both of this back legs, this fun-loving guy has no problem playing with other fact, it looks like they have a hard time…
First Sniff (First Kiss Parody) is Hilarious [VIDEO]
By now, I'm sure you're one of the millions of people who has viewed the "First Kiss" YouTube sensation, which shows several strangers kissing for the first time. Well, check out what happens when strange dogs sniff each other for the first time:

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