Bozeman’s K9 9K And Dog Festival Saturday, May 18
Bozeman Canine Classic (BCC) presents the 2nd annual K9 9K on Saturday, May 18. The 9K (5.5 miles) run or walk through subdivision streets and Bozeman trails will finish in dog-friendly Bogert Park, where a fun community-wide Dog Festival will then take place. There will also be a 1 mile fun run/wa…
11 Guilty Pets Who Know What They Did
There's nothing surprising about our pets getting into shenanigans when we're not looking. Sometimes we find the little buggers in the act, and what results is adorably hilarious. But other times, we're not lucky enough to catch them red-handed, although their guilty expressions total…
Dogs in Pantyhose Are a Thing Now — Wait, What??
Well, the dogs don't seem particularly unhappy, so we guess this is okay. As long as dogs don't understand what dignity is, they'll probably be fine.
Owners in China have been stuffing their dogs into stocking and high heels, taking pictures of them, and putting them on the internet, because this is …
10 Totally Aww-Worthy Puppy Fails
Ladies and gents, it’s time for another round of entertaining fails. Recently we’ve scoped out the really unfortunate and the semi-painful type of fail. But this time around, we’re going for the straight up adorable, AKA puppy fails.
Dogs Love Snow More Than People
With the massive amount of snow to hit the East Coast this past weekend, humans had a lot of work to do. Dogs just got to have a little fun and "get lost" in it. A good reminder to always make the best of a huge snow!
10 Cute Dogs Saying ‘I Love You’
There are few things we love more than dogs. Think about it-- they look awfully cute in tutus, sport hoodies like champs and even pull off the whole eyebrow look with ease. Our love for dogs is so strong, in fact, that it's sort of like Honey Boo Boo's passion for Go Go Juice and…

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