The Average Dog Causes Almost 2,000 Family Fights
The UK's Daily Mail reported on a new study that found the average dog causes almost 2,000 family arguments over the course of its life. Check out the top 20 reasons why. My wife and I have dogs and I'm pretty sure at least 5 of these reasons have led to an argument between us.
15 Life Lessons To Learn From Your Dog
I came across a very interesting article today in the HuffPost Healthy Living ( It gives 15 examples of how we humans can learn from our dogs to be healthier. Lessons include taking more naps, using our sense of smell more, being more passionate and welcoming, and learning to…
Dog Goes Crazy Over Hedgehog [VIDEO]
Is that a hedgehog on the floor or are you just happy to see us? This dog is so excited and/or anxious about the prickly brown pile on the floor that he’s decided to skip today’s walk and just run in place.
In reality, we think he’s probably trying to dig a hole so he can expose the hedgehog’s sof…
San Francisco Considering Banning Sales of All Pets
A proposal to ban all pets sales in San Francisco is being considered by the city’s Board of Supervisors.
According to those who have proposed the ban, the rational behind it is twofold. It would encourage San Franciscans to adopt animals from shelters and rescue organization, and it would put an en…
World’s Ugliest Dog Winner Falls Off Stage [VIDEO]
When a Chihuahua named Yoda took the stage, she was just the latest pup to win the title of World’s Ugliest Dog. But when she accidentally fell off, she tumbled headlong into an elite class of celebrity — those who have been caught on video taking a spill on stage, in…

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