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Sunday Brunch- 3.11.12- Sit in Sunday Brunch with Jim Averitt
What a pleasure it is to have Jim in the studio. He is a kinsman in his love of music and arrives prepared for epic shows. Yes, he arrives ready to put on not only one show, but two or three. I truly appreciate his enthusiasm and his ability to show me new things that have been off my radar up till …
Sunday Brunch- 3.4.12- Playlist
Here is your playlist for this week. Enjoy the sunshine today. Ill see you right back here next Sunday 9-noon MST at www.mooseradio.com or locally at 95-1 FM. Make it great! L.
Sunday Brunch- 2.26.12- Playlist
Thanks for listening and for joining me on this Sunday's drive through the tunes. Make it a great week, see you next Sunday at www.mooseradio.com or 95-1 FM in the Gallatin Valley from 9am-noon MST. L.
Sunday Brunch- 2.12.12- Ode to You, Coffee in my Cup.
I love you coffee in my cup. I try to quit you but find myself comforted and entranced by you every morning and more than not, throughout the day. When we were on a break, I did try tea, it's pretty good, but its not you. It's just you coffee, just you.
Sunday Brunch- 2.5.12- Patriots Game Day
I saw a sign on The Cannery's front window on my way into the studio this morning. It read- "Patriots Game Day." We certainly know on which side they stand, as well as a good portion of our little Metropolis. You see, we have a local boy on that team...
Sunday Brunch- 1.29.12- Playlist
Enjoy this bump and jumble through the tunes. See you next Sunday 9-noon mooseradio.com Next week I will have the new Darrell Scott Cd and will feature a few tracks. Till then... The pup is a deaf rescue dog that is currently living just south of Missoula...
Sunday Brunch- 1.22.12- playlist
Hope you enjoyed the show. See you next Sunday 9-noon at 95-1 or at mooseradio.com. AND might I say, I have no idea why this picture is not loading up correctly. Boo!

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