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Sunday Brunch- 10.2.12- Playlist
Here is the playlist as it happened. Enjoy and I'll see you next Sunday from 9am-noon on 95-1 or online at mooseradio.com. Make it a great week. L.
art work by Patty Baker
Eddie Vedder- Without You- Ukelele Songs
Jessie Harris- Gimmer- Watching the Sky
Rolling Stones-Prodigal Son- B…
Sunday Brunch- 9.25.11- The Artists Way
Now that the busy Summer  wedding season has wrapped up, I will get some time to engage other creative ventures for awhile. It serves to refresh, enliven and inspire all the rest. If you are in a shoulder season as well-  I have a suggestion for you,  if I might...
Sunday Brunch- 8.28.11- Trout, birthdays and a river.
This is a cake made to look like a Rainbow Trout with a Delektable Double Streamer in its mouth. I made it for Dan Delekta's Birthday Celebration this past weekend in the Madison Valley at the Beartooth Flyfishing Lodge. ( I wish it was a better photo )  I don't know if you remember, …
Sunday Brunch- 8.21.11- Shinin’ Brightly
Open it up! Yes, that is car/motor terminology and not exactly my thing but the point is to get inspired, raise the bar and let it roll.  Sweet Summertime is swiftly turning into what promises to be a luscious Fall season.  School, Fall leaves, apples, pumpkins and Halloween fun are fast a…
Sunday Brunch- 8.14.11- Hearts and Bones
Thanks for joining me this morning for our little journey through Sunday morning. Make it a great week. A list of what I played this morning follows.
Lucinda Williams-Jackson- Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Dan Wilson- Rising from the Bottom of a Lake- Free Life
Ladysmith Black Mambazo- Nomathemba- Af…
Sunday Brunch- 8.7.11- Double Shots
Hi friends,
So great to be back in the hot seat this week.  Double Shot Sunday Brunch was the vibe for the morning. Two songs for each chosen artist. Its a fun show to do, hope you enjoyed it too.  Thanks for listening.
p.s. hop...
Sunday Brunch- 7.24.11
I will not be in the studio next Sunday the 31st of July. Michelle will be here filling in for me and will no doubt do an excellent job giving the show her take for the week.  Thanks as ever for listening and Ill be back in the studio August 7th...
Sunday Brunch- 6.26.11- Sweet Sounds of Summer
Vootie has been with Bozeman for a long time. The entire time the Moose has been in existence, Vootie has been right there with us bringing you great music and fantastic live shows. Vootie is celebrating its 20th Birthday this Summer right along with the Moose...
Sunday Brunch- 6.5.11- playlist
You know what- I'm on this life reboot phase and Im going to share with you what I'm learning along the way. You see, we don't often learn everything we need to know to create an excellent life from our parents no matter how hard they try-  sometimes certain tools are left out of…

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