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This Week’s New Music Releases (Sort Of)
There are 3 new music releases this week that I'm excited about. A newly released live album from a legendary group, live audio from a festival celebrating a legend, and legends paying tribute to a future legend. Intriguing right? Look out for these 3 newly released gems:
Stevie Nicks Documentary Slated for Release in April
The long-awaited Stevie Nicks documentary 'In Your Dreams' has finally been scheduled for a theatrical release. The film, which records the making of the Fleetwood Mac singer's solo album by the same title, will debut in more than 50 theaters in North America on April 2.
Christine McVie at Peace With Fleetwood Mac Past
Christine McVie enjoyed a wild ride as a member of Fleetwood Mac, but nowadays the retired rocker prefers a quiet life out of the spotlight. In a new interview, the legendary singer and songwriter shares her fond and not-so-fond memories of the past, and says she has no problem with her former bandm…
Fleetwood Mac Announces 2013 Tour Dates
They've always been one of my favorite bands and I had the pleasure of meeting Stevie Nicks not once but twice this year! Plan your 2013 travels now to catch Fleetwood Mac live! Tour dates here:
New Music Out This Week
There are 3 new releases due out this week that I'm excited about. A new album from a relatively new band, a new album from a living legend (and his legendary band), and finally a unique collection of old live recordings and archival material from one of the best bands ever assembled.