Golf For 4 To 6 Year Olds At Bridger Creek!
Dear Lord I wish I learned to golf as a kid. Probably wouldn't use so many f-bombs as an adult if I did. If you've got a 4 to 6 year old and want them to learn the basics of golf, Bridger Creek Golf Course and Academy has you covered!
Golf Season Is Here! [VIDEO]
My fave course in the area, Bridger Creek Golf Course and Academy, is technically open for the season but Mother Nature keeps messing with us this Spring. Hopefully the runoff won't be a problem too....
Lyrics to the Masters’ Theme Song are Beyond Terrible
With its winner receiving a gaudy green jacket that wouldn't be out of place at a retirement home, the Masters is hardly a beacon of contemporary taste. Golf's most revered championship takes place this weekend in Augusta, Ga. If you watch it, you'll undoubtedly hear the majestic Mast…
Bridger Creek Golf Course To Open This Week!
As of this typing, Bridger Creek Golf Course WILL be opening their driving range THIS AFTERNOON AT 3PM! Yeah for Spring. I spoke with Mark Holiday from Bridger Creek this morning and more good news is on the way.
70-Year-Old, One-Legged Golfer Hits a Hole-in-One
A one-legged 70-year-old retiree who is battling cancer and has poor eyesight hit a hole-in-one last week at St. Andrews in Scotland. Joe McLaughlin aced the par-3 fifth hole on the famed Jubilee course last Tuesday while playing a round with his lifelong buddy Dennis Leckie.
Bridger Creek Has Summer Junior Camps
Bridger Creek Golf Course is known for their excellent golf lessons and camps. Learning the game of golf when you're young is the best way to develop into a talented lifelong player!

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