How Nice is This Bozeman Winter? [WATCH]
John Ward put into pictures what most of us already know. Want to show Uncle Robert why you live in Montana? This video of the Bozeman area taken this winter should clear things up.
20th Annual Bozeman Ice Festival is HERE!
December 7th to 11th, 2016 is the 20th Annual Bozeman Ice Festival. Known worldwide, you can buy tickets, volunteer or sign up for clinics up Hyalite Canyon. Get involved and have some fun!
Hyalite Road is Now Open
Although the side roads are not expected to open until next month, the road up Hyalite Canyon south of Bozeman is now open along with campgrounds.
Hyalite Road Opens This Thursday 5/16 To Cars
Hyalite is by far one of the most popular "get outta town" roads in the Bozeman area. If you're looking for a little dose of the reservoir or many trails up the canyon, the road is scheduled to open THIS THURSDAY.

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