I’m Down With OPK
That stands for Other People's Kids. There is something special about developing a friendship with Other People's Kids. First of all, kids are (for the most part) awesome. Secondly, they're not your kids so you don't have to boss them around and they clearly appreciate that.
Golf For 4 To 6 Year Olds At Bridger Creek!
Dear Lord I wish I learned to golf as a kid. Probably wouldn't use so many f-bombs as an adult if I did. If you've got a 4 to 6 year old and want them to learn the basics of golf, Bridger Creek Golf Course and Academy has you covered!
10 Parents Playing Epic Pranks on Their Kids
2012 was a fantastic year for pranks. Remember that awesomely sassy 'Psh' joke or the adorable Mistletoe setup? We'll say it til we're blue in the face-- we love pranks! They just make life a tad bit more interesting. Now that 2013 has rolled around, we think there…

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