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Bob Seger Tour Details
I get teased a lot by my friends in the music business about my love of Bob Seger. It has never bothered me one bit. And now that Bob is going on tour, more than one of those mockers has reached out to see if I'd like to go with them. Ha. -Michelle
Rail Jam 2011 In March
It’s already time to get geared up for the 2011 Rail Jam weekend! The Rail Jam will be happening on March 4th and 5th with the finest rail Kings and Queens southwest Montana has to offer!
A Show That Rocks: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
I love Jimmy Fallon and (because I must be getting old) so does my DVR—without it, I don't think I would catch much of the show, because of how late it comes on. But I think Jimmy is hilarious. I never liked the late night format (they all seem the same) before Light Night With Jimmy Fallon came alo…
Bozeman Rocks San Diego
Coming this February, The MOOSE hopes to have something very special on A live stream of the fantastic performances at Michele Clark's 2011 Sunset Sessions in San Diego, and Michelle Wolfe will be there.