march madness

March Madness – By the Numbers
The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is quickly approaching, and personal finance website WalletHub released its March Madness 2016 By The Numbers report, which breaks down this billion-dollar basketball, betting and business craziness:
I Am The March Madness Opening Round Guru
Every year, without fail, my March Madness bracket looks stellar after the first round of games (it looks like I actually watch college basketball closely). Unfortunately, the next round begins...and my horses all go down. It's happening again this year! As I type this, my bracket rea…
ESPN Employees Banned From Filling Out NCAA Tournament Brackets
In workplaces all over America, folks spent Thursday morning scrambling to get their NCAA tournament brackets filled out before it was too late.
Not so at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. That's because employees at ESPN -- which had been promoting its bracket challenge front and cent…
NCAA Tournament Cheerleaders Preview [PHOTOS]
When you are watching the NCAA Tournament this month, expect to see many shots of cheerleaders, particularly during timeouts. And why not? These young (mostly) ladies are athletes in their own right, and add a lot to the ambiance. Here's a preview of the cheerleading squads that will be represe…