Michelle Wolfe

If You’re A Dude, Don’t Bother Reading This
My father is trying to crush my soul. How you ask? By stocking his kitchen with as much tasty, fattening, delicious things as possible. This is no longer a joke as much as a daily mental challenge to not inhale 5 pieces of chocolate covered toffee. He's an old man who can eat whatever the hell …
Googled Yourself Recently?
Google says that Michelle Wolfe is many things. She's a reasonably well known radio programmer from Bozeman, Montana. She's a talented photographer from the mid-west. She's apparently a lesbian porn star, and this week: a dead woman from Florida. Now THAT'S diversity.
Free Peppers From The MOOSE Morning Show
It's first come, first served but I've got more peppers than I know what to do with. Yeah, they've been loved since birth. Yes, they're organic. There are Cali Bell and Jalapenos to choose from. Call me in the studio tomorrow if you'd like to pick up a couple.
Sick Days Are Lame. Unless You’re My Plants.
The last couple of days have been no bueno for me. Sick and staying at home which I pretty much never do. Today is a gorgeous Bozeman day, filled with blue sky and sunshine and now that I can finally drag myself out of bed the plants are enjoying some much needed fresh air.

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