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Mother’s Day: The Price Of Gold, My Priceless Piece
With Mother's Day this month, I thought I'd share some of my fondest memories of MY mom, whom I lost in 2005.  Regardless of what "the market" says, my gold necklace will always be priceless and you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead body before I'd sell …
Moose Morning Show (Week of 11/14/11)
Rich Ledoux here, trying my best to fill in for the infamous Michelle Wolfe this week while she takes some much needed vacation time. I've got the morning show duties, and to win over your affection I'm giving away free tickets to something cool happening this week in Bozeman! Find out wha…
Learning To Cook, Part 1 (Bruschetta) – By Michelle Wolfe
No. I don't know how to cook. Please don't judge me. I'm learning now and that's all that matters. My father, ironically, is one HELL of a good cook and has been (out of necessity) since he was very young. After all these years, I'm now tapping into his gastronomic brain tru…
Sunday Brunch- 7.24.11
I will not be in the studio next Sunday the 31st of July. Michelle will be here filling in for me and will no doubt do an excellent job giving the show her take for the week.  Thanks as ever for listening and Ill be back in the studio August 7th...
Michelle Wolfe’s Bucket List Items – Part 1
There are a lot of things I want to do before I get hit by a bus. Hence, my own Bucket List. These are just a few, big and small. (I think it's crucial to have small ones on there too so you can actually check as few off before you hear the horn.)
Facebook Friend Request Purgatory
UPDATE: STILL NOT FRIENDS WITH TOM JORDAN - This is going to come out wrong but I don't 'friend request' a lot of people. I don't have to because I have enough Facebook friends. Who the hell actually knows 1,300+ people? However, when someone I KNOW...someone I WORK WITH....someone I SHARE AN OFFICE…
Good Road Trip Ideas – I Need Some
I need your help. My dad and I are going on a road trip soon, but don't know where we're going yet. Hence, I need your good road trip ideas. Good destinations from Bozeman. And here are the only stipulations:
Get Ready For Golf Tips From Michelle
Getting ready for golf season is a science that everyone should do, not just golfers. This list of tips has been created by me, not by some golf magazine promising to improve your swing before you even hit the course.
Sunday Acoustic Brunch:3.13.11- Michelle’s desk, music & me.
Nothing like a well timed phone call (well timed being the key here) to ask Wolfe an important question.  I called ahead  to see if she  would stop in today and let me into her office to go through the hundreds of new CD's on her desk. ( I've been waiting for a few new CD's and have been needing som…

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