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What to do With a Wasp Nest
This summer I noticed more wasps around the outside of the house than normal but after circling every inch, I couldn't find ANY sign that they were nesting IN the house. Then I found this.
MSU Homecoming Parade 2015 [PHOTOS]
Kids donned shorts and Bobcat T-shirts, waved tiny American flags and snatched up candy and fuzzy blue and white hats at the annual Montana State University homecoming parade on Main Street Saturday morning.
The MSU Bobcats football team takes on Cal Poly for the homecoming game at 1:30 p...
The Easter Egg Charge
The scene was tense. Hundreds stood staring across the field at each other. Surrounded by flags and banners, they eagerly awaited the order to charge. A minute passed like an eternity.
Suddenly, the count down began. 10...9...8... They leaned forward to sprint armed with baskets and their b…
Remodeling Romney?
In the midst of all the new construction happening at Montana State University, Gov. Steve Bullock toured the Romney Gym to meet with students and campus officials about the old building's future. However, the state still has to vote on whether or not they will release the funds …
Top 5 Things to Wear to Stay Warm in Bozeman This Winter
In certain states across the U.S., winter fashion means it’s 60 degrees out and time for ladies to don that cute new scarf and boot combo. Tis the season for those trendy UGGs, leggings, and Pea-coats to make a resurgence, and it’s time to dig out those favorite jeans…

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