Best Drum Battle Ever: Buddy Rich vs. Animal [VIDEO]
With Dave Grohl set to face off against Animal in a drum battle on an upcoming episode of The Muppets, let us not forget this truly epic drum battle on the orginal The Muppet Show back in 1981. Watch the late Buddy Rich, "the world's greatest drummer," school Animal!
Creepy New Blog Alert: “Muppets With People Eyes”
Someone created a blog called "Muppets With People Eyes". It is simply that...Kermit, Miss Piggy, Big Bird, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and more with human eyes Photoshopped over their Muppet eyes. Creepy people always tend to have too much time on their hands. Here is one end result:
Dave Grohl To Appear In Muppets Movie
I LOVE Dave Grohl. A lot. I also love The Muppets. Who doesn't, really? -Michelle
Dave Grohl is reportedly making a cameo in The Muppets Movie, the Jason Segel-penned flick about the beloved puppetry troupe's adventures.