Spoon Tease Fans With New Song Snippet [AUDIO]
We've been waiting patiently for a new album from Spoon since the band's 2010 release, Transference. In recent months, Spoon has released vague teasers of what appear to be bits of new tracks. Well, today we having something more concrete! Check out this new 30 second video.
Know All Music, Right Here
Want to learn a little more about artists you hear on The MOOSE? I'll let you in on a little secret that we use all the time. Even we need to brush up on our facts every once in a while. is one of my favorite music websites for information and discographies.
The Sunday Brunch on The MOOSE
One of the best, worst-kept secrets on the Bozeman radio is the Moose's Sunday Brunch. You can catch it every Sunday morning from 9am to Noon, Mountain Time with your host Elle Fine. It might be the best thing to ever happen to Sunday Mornings, ever.

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