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BagelWorks is For Sale
A mild sense of panic came over me when I saw the news of my beloved BagelWorks being up for sale. But perhaps this iconic Bozeman business can seamlessly transition to new hands and all will be well.
Butte, Montana’s Coolest Architecture in One Place [WATCH]
The folks at Wheel Stories nailed it. Butte has some of the most interesting buildings in all of Montana.Some are in better shape than others but renovations have been picking up. I LOVED spending a couple days in Butte walking around and taking pictures just a few years ago.
The Most Affordable Town in Montana is…
According to Business Insider, the most affordable town in Montana is also (perhaps) the Montana town with the most parks per capita. (This town has one city park for approximately every 100 residents!)
My Favorite House in Bozeman is For Sale
I've never been inside this historic Fred Willson built home on South Willson but it has always been my absolute favorite house in Bozeman. It's big and fancy, yes. But the details, history and vibe of this home are what make it the most beautiful.

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