A Great Bozeman Summer Cocktail
I'm claiming this huckleberry cocktail recipe as my own since I've been drinking them for years and I've NEVER seen it on a menu in this particular form.
Best Naked, But An Easy Pistachio Nut Recipe
My house always has a bowl of pistachio nuts around. They're generally gone within hours, that's why we buy them in multiple pound bags. I prefer just crackin those little suckers all by themselves like the honey badger, but here's an easy way to feed your guests.
Hot Chocolate Cookies Rock!
I'm convinced my pregnant wife is working hard to make sure I gain weight along with her. She's baking up a storm lately and if that storm didn't have me under its intoxicating, delicious spell I would tell her to stop. I mean...I came home to hot chocolate cookies today. Bring on the…
Sunday Brunch- Bonus- Gluten Free Lifestyle
Yes, I had a Bakery that is now a custom, by order only operation.  And what I know is that there is one thing that cannot be denied. The increase in people living a gluten free lifestyle by choice and not so much by choice is on the rise. It is very prevalent in this little town. From what I hear f…