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Waxing: Chicks Teaching Dudes Chick Stuff [VIDEO]
You may be familiar with the recent lessons that Rich Ledoux has imparted on me which include smoking cigars and opening beer bottles with a lighter. In this episode, we explore the Man Lesson of "Dudes Getting Waxed".
3 Of My Dislikes That Might Make You Dislike Me
Do you ever feel like you're in a tiny little minority pool because you DON'T like something that everybody seems to love? Here are three facts about me that you might love to hate. Let the onslaught of popular opinion begin.
Moose Morning Show (Week of 11/14/11)
Rich Ledoux here, trying my best to fill in for the infamous Michelle Wolfe this week while she takes some much needed vacation time. I've got the morning show duties, and to win over your affection I'm giving away free tickets to something cool happening this week in Bozeman! Find out wha…
Mid-Day Music Review
Hey Rich from the Moose here with my first Mid-Day music review (I obviously couldn't think of a cool title)featuring the Kings of Leon "Come Around Sundown"