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‘Star Wars Episode 7′: How Secret Will the Production Be?
Director JJ Abrams is infamous for keeping details on his projects on the down low, so many people have already begun speculating what will go on with the production of 'Star Wars Episode 7.' If there's one thing we learned from watching the production of the prequel trilogy, it's that 'Star Wars' f…
8 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Star Wars’ Costumes
Costumes and makeup played an important and often-overlooked role in making the six 'Star Wars' movies sensational sci-fi masterpieces that, even today, nothing has really matched. They were at the center of an engrossing experience that made the viewer literally feel as though they had be…
Try and Watch All Six Star Wars Movies at Once [VIDEO]
Do you want to test your Jedi movie watching skills? YouTube user Michael McNulty has synced up all six star wars movies in one video allowing you to watch them all in less than two and a half hours. You're going to need to be a Jedi though to understand them all...
What Were the ‘Star Wars’ Villains Like as Kids?
Yeah, we all know how ‘Star Wars‘ villains Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader turned out. But have you ever wondered what they were like as kids?
Etsy sellers the Octopus Tree House did, and the resulting prints by the artist collective are oddly adorable.

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